Not wanting to offend graffiti artists

I have recently received negative comments regarding my website from a graffiti artist who is offended that I am making money from his art. I have high respect for any great pieces of art, graffiti or not. I can understand why after all that hard work and talent, the artist would be upset if anyone makes money from this. At the same time I have not stolen any images and they are all my own photographs taken by myself. I believe this to be my own art as photography is an art in itself. If the graffiti artist wants to make money from this, I believe they should go to all the hard work and set up a site like I have done and pay the money for the site. I have put a lot of hard work, time and money into this site and do not want to offend any graffiti artists out there, as I have such high respect for all your art.

I would write a blog or mention under the picture that it is your work if you would like to contact me but I do not know half of the artists, as there is no name or way of me finding this information. I do not see the difference between my site and all the other shops you see around Afflecks Palace and other places, such as Ebay where you can buy prints. They all sell Banksy and graffiti prints without any money going to the artist.

I am selling my own photography and do not want to offend any street artist out there. This has been a passion and hobby of mine for years and to be honest it doesn't make me much money. I feel that art as good as this should be shared and enjoyed and if you wish to make a site like mine you can pay for it and set one up yourself. If you sell a photograph of a building does the architect get anything? Public Sculptures? No. Why Graffiti then? I would think (but I'm not a lawyer) that if you're photographing graffiti in a public place then the artist is no more entitled to compensation than the sculptors of public art or architects? Not to mention, would the artist be willing to go to jail as most of this is illegal?

If any street artists see my site and want to contact me to promote their work I would be happy to write a blog and say on each photograph that it is your work. I hope you do not get offended as that is not my intention. I love all your work I have on my site and don't mean any disrespect to any of you. Keep up the good work and I'll end this by saying you are all so talented and I wish I could make beautiful pieces of art like you do.