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A Little About Me

The Tony Soprano graffiti by Akse and the pictures above are just some of my favourite photographs I have taken in the city of Manchester and other countries around the world. Urban art has become the term used for street art and graffiti art that developed out of many major cities worldwide. Today the work is seen on many household walls and also in bars and clubs. Artists such as Banksy and Space Invader have become household names. Other street artists in this gallery include Stewy, Kelzo and Akse P.19 Crew. I do not have permission to sell Kelzo or Akse graffiti as they are commissioned and have copyright for their art.

I have been in love with this street art movement for many years and have decided to sell my collection of photographs as an original poster, print or canvas. I hope you enjoy my collection, I have photographs mainly from Manchester but have also taken shots from Germany Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Prague, Budapest, Lisbon, Australia Sydney and Melbourne, Thailand, New York, France, Liverpool, London and Bristol. Enjoy my gallery and if you would like to buy any I have them all for sale at different sizes and can photoshop them to your own preference. For example if you wanted an image printed black and white. The prints are much better quality than the images on the website. See a picture of a canvas I have sold in the gallery page called completed canvas.

I will update my photographs on a regular occasion, so please check back on the site for new shots to buy. I can also make collages of your favourite pictures at different sizes so contact me for details. You can see examples in the graffiti collage page. The slideshow at the bottom right shows my personal favourite shots. I wonder what yours may be?

Any graffiti artist's that may come across my website and feel offended I have your art for sale, please read my blog regarding this matter. My intention is not to offend any of you and all these images are my own photography. In my eyes, this is my art, as photography is an art in itself. The amazing street artists Kelzo and Akse have allowed me to keep their work on my site but it is not for sale as they are commissioned and copyright images. I appreciate this very much and you should also visit their sites to see some amazing work. Peace and love to you all.

I have just included a new file of art work by Mike Brassington, an amazing Manchester artist. Mike is a friend of mine from the wonderful city of Manchester, I have wrote a blog about him if you would like to read it? I think his pencil and ink work is amazing and I am selling all his work with his permission. You will not find this artwork anywhere else he will also draw your own bespoke artwork. If you would like an image drawing, contact me for details. I will be uploading more pictures as and when Mike draws them. Hope you enjoy his talent as much as I do.

Printed on the top quality Canon IPF8000 12 colour inkjet, I will discuss any size order query. I can give you a price for your size requirement within 48 hours of receiving your email. Fill in the form below.

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  • Graffiti Garage
    Graffiti Garage Germany, Hamburg, Graffiti
  • People In The Woods
    People In The Woods Germany, Hamburg, Graffiti
  • Homer Simpson In The Tiolet
    Homer Simpson In The Tiolet Germany, Hamburg, Poster Graffiti
  • Tree Lady 2
    Tree Lady 2 Germany, Hamburg, Graffiti, Art
  • Naughty Little Lucy
    Naughty Little Lucy Germany, Hamburg, Graffiti, Poster
  • Hamburg Rainbow
    Hamburg Rainbow Germany, Hamburg, Art
  • Gas Masks
    Gas Masks Germany, Berlin Wall, Graffiti, Art
  • Mischievous Boy
    Mischievous Boy Berlin, Germany, Kreuzberg, Graffiti
  • Germany, Berlin, Kreuzberg, Graffiti
  • Transformers Berlin Graffiti
    Transformers Berlin Graffiti Berlin, Germany, Kreuzberg, Graffiti
  • Berlin Wall Faces
    Berlin Wall Faces Germany, Berlin Wall, Graffiti, Art
  • Hotel Berlin Graffiti
    Hotel Berlin Graffiti Berlin, Germany, Graffiti, Kreuzberg
  • Insect Attack
    Insect Attack Germany, Berlin, Kreuzberg, Graffiti
  • Little Michael Jackson
    Little Michael Jackson Berlin, Germany, Graffiti, Kreuzberg
  • Germany, Berlin, Kreuzberg, Graffiti
  • Berlin Wall Square Heads
    Berlin Wall Square Heads Germany, Berlin Wall, Graffiti
  • Monsters On The Building
    Monsters On The Building Germany, Berlin, Kreuzberg, Graffiti
  • Happy Face
    Happy Face Germany, Berlin, Kreuzberg, Graffiti
  • Jimi Hendrix
    Jimi Hendrix Mike Brassington, Biro Drawing Art
  • Xenomorph
    Xenomorph Mike Brassington, Manchester, Biro Art
  • Gremlin
    Gremlin Mike Brassington, Manchester, Biro Art
  • MCR
    MCR Northern Quarter, Manchester, Graffiti
  • Obey Manchester
    Obey Manchester Northern Quarter, Manchester, Graffiti
  • Dantzic Ghost Space Invader
    Dantzic Ghost Space Invader Space Invader, Manchester, Graffiti
  • Manchester Birds
    Manchester Birds Manchester, Graffiti
  • Ancoats Heads
    Ancoats Heads Ancoats, Manchester, Graffiti
  • Sexy Manchester Graffiti
    Sexy Manchester Graffiti Northern Quarter, Manchester, Shutter, Graffiti
  • Northern Quarter Portrait
    Northern Quarter Portrait Manchester, Northern Quarter, Graffiti
  • Hulme Bird
    Hulme Bird Manchester, Hulme, Graffiti
  • Freedom
    Freedom Manchester, Graffiti
  • Ghostbusters R.I.P. Fish
    Ghostbusters R.I.P. Fish Manchester, Graffiti
  • Wandering Minds This Way Please
    Wandering Minds This Way Please Northern Quarter, Manchester Art
  • Keppel Rd Stewy Stencil
    Keppel Rd Stewy Stencil Chorlton, Manchester, Stencil Graffiti
  • Fox Cuddle
    Fox Cuddle Northern Quarter, Manchester, Graffiti
  • New Wakefield St Space Invader
    New Wakefield St Space Invader Manchester, Space Invader, Graffiti
  • Albert Einstein Shutter
    Albert Einstein Shutter Chorlton, Manchester, Graffiti Shutter
  • Stewy Northern Fox Stencil
    Stewy Northern Fox Stencil Stewy, Northern Quarter, Manchester, Graffiti, Stencil
  • Wasted Youth
    Wasted Youth Oldham, Graffiti
  • New Wakefield St Mushrooms
    New Wakefield St Mushrooms Manchester Graffiti
  • Holding The Power
    Holding The Power Manchester, Northern Quarter, Graffiti
  • Space Invader Victoria Station
    Space Invader Victoria Station Space Invader, Graffiti, Manchester
  • Love Will Win
    Love Will Win Manchester Graffiti
  • Underground Graffiti Dude
    Underground Graffiti Dude Manchester Underground, Graffiti
  • James Brown Soul
    James Brown Soul Hulme, Manchester, Graffiti, James Brown
  • Rustic Robocop
    Rustic Robocop Manchester, Underground Graffiti, Robocop
  • Old Trafford Ghostbusters
    Old Trafford Ghostbusters Mike Brassington, Manchester, Art
  • Noel and Liam
    Noel and Liam Biro Sketch, Manchester, Art
  • John Lennon With A Brew
    John Lennon With A Brew Byron Bay, Australia, Graffiti
  • Northside Worldwide
    Northside Worldwide
  • 99 Problems
    99 Problems
  • Don't Trash The Ocean
    Don't Trash The Ocean
  • Please No Graffiti
    Please No Graffiti
  • Face the Wolf
    Face the Wolf Rome, Graffiti
  • Donut Robots
    Donut Robots New York, Graffiti
  • Ice Cream Dudes
    Ice Cream Dudes New York, Graffiti
  • Three Eyed Beast
    Three Eyed Beast New York, Graffiti
  • Cartoon Monkey
    Cartoon Monkey
  • Lisbon Street Tag
    Lisbon Street Tag
  • Clowning Around
    Clowning Around
  • Vibrant Lisbon Tag
    Vibrant Lisbon Tag
  • Yellow Head
    Yellow Head Manchester Graffiti
  • Holiday Dogs
    Holiday Dogs
  • Bondi
  • Strange Ladies
    Strange Ladies
  • Graffiti Fence
    Graffiti Fence Koh Samui / Fisherman's Village
  • Laidback
    Laidback Koh Phangan
  • Bob Marley Tuk Tuk
    Bob Marley Tuk Tuk Koh Phangan
  • Party Animals
    Party Animals Koh Phangan
  • Paul Weller
    Paul Weller Koh Phangan
  • Calm Down
    Calm Down Koh Lanta
  • Chiang Mai Crows
    Chiang Mai Crows Chiang Mai
  • Whale
    Whale Chiang Mai
  • Thai Flag Crow
    Thai Flag Crow Chiang Mai, Thailand, Graffiti
  • The 85/90 Studio
    The 85/90 Studio Chiang Mai
  • Cash Bar
    Cash Bar Koh Samui
  • Angry Gorilla
    Angry Gorilla Koh Tao
  • Peaceful Eyes
    Peaceful Eyes Tonsai
  • Bomber Man
    Bomber Man Bangkok
  • Felix
    Felix Chiang Mai
  • Kurt Cobain
    Kurt Cobain Chiang Mai
  • Smoking Man
    Smoking Man Chiang Mai
  • Bomber Man
    Bomber Man Bangkok
  • Air Pollution
    Air Pollution Bangkok
  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley Tonsai
  • KL Car Park Graffiti
    KL Car Park Graffiti Malaysia, KL, Graffiti
  • Humans Eating Human
    Humans Eating Human
  • Jim Morrison Graffiti
    Jim Morrison Graffiti Venice Beach, L.A., Graffiti, The Doors
  • Starry Night Graffiti
    Starry Night Graffiti Venice Beach, L.A.
  • Sea Life Had Enough
    Sea Life Had Enough
  • Steven
  • MSC
  • Eat The Mushroom
    Eat The Mushroom
  • Wizard
  • Funky Dog 2
    Funky Dog 2